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Οργάνωση Λογιστηρίου

The financial development of every company, in a really competitive and sophisticated surrounding, is, under no circumstances, an accidental incident. It requires organization, providence, strategic and remunerative job, in order to accomplish the objectives. Through this route the organization of account development and financial services is of high priority.

Our occupational substratum and former experience give us all the appropriate qualifications to support, organize and make the best for all our customers, by creating a strong foothold in order make the best decisions.

Our technical services in the account department organization consist:

  1. Study, compilation and implementation of new logistic plan, according to the needs of every operation.
  2. Analysis and study of every company's logistics for the most effectual operation and dispatch of its account department.
  3. Design and pointer of forms. Study, quality check of the current machinable system and proposal, if required, for a new system or new machinable programs.
  4. Efficiency rating or election of new if required.
  5. Means of Surveillance
  6. Method of exporting results, financial rates and elements to the Management.
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