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Our company covers a broad range of logistic services including organization, control, and superintendence of account departments and financial - technical projects (loans, financing, admission to HAA).
Our company provides the following services:

  1. Logistic and Tax services of companies, accountancy (B', C'category), computerization in Tax offices
  2. All company burdens - tasks towards Tax offices (outsets - validations K.B.S, register changes, modifications, etc)
  3. Compilation, Treatment and Submission through TAXISNET - of F.P.A. Declaration (accountancy VIES), F.M.Y. Declarations - Declarations of Income.
  4. Personnel Payments - Insurance Corporations
  5. Organization, Control and Superintendence of Account Departments.
  6. Dispensation of Consultant Services in Financial and Tax Matters.
  7. Control and dispatch of Tax check.
  8. Advisement and Regulation of difficult Tax Matters
  9. Election and training of Account department Personnel
  10. Implementation of Detailed Logistic and Cost Estimation
  11. Organization of Services for the Compilation and Control of Fund Programming
  12. Your Company Business Plan
  13. Financial - Technical Projects (Loans, Financing, Admission to HAA)
  14. Learning or accountancy of International Logistic Models.

The carefully selected personnel (graduates of supreme financial academies), organization and work, are our bases in order to ensure the best result for all companies.

We do believe that, by organizing properly an account department, we contribute to the development of a financial unit.

Efficiency and productivity, two very important significations for financial robustness, have their point of departure in the account department. The precise and direct information, as and the proper use of laws, are the preconditions for taking the right decision, encouragement of production and, therefore, financial development.

This is why the cost of account department organization and operation is always low, while the lack of organization and no observance of regulations, increase the cost and punitive sanctions.According to these rules and with total conscious of the gravity of our profession, we treat our customers carefully, independently who they are.

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