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Επίβλεψη Λογιστηρίου

The account department has a catalytic role in the financial development and regular operation of every company, especially in a country, where, even the simplest logistic or tax derelictions, can cause serious damage. The correct interpretation and implementation of laws, means save of money, otherwise, big amounts of money are spent, which are not owed (from bad law use, rejection of books, etc).

In "MIXANOFOROLOGISTIKI S.A." are working experts, who know how to secure the operation, how to organize and keep in a high level its account department, valuing and informing the staff constantly for the current legislative and logistic advancements. Always checking the work done and supervising every implementation of law, logistic rules and results. Our company takes over the complete control of all matters towards the state and insurance organizations.

For the legitimate and regular function of the account department we offer the following technical services.

  1. Application control of the Tax Labour - Insurance and Commercial Law, as and the Logistic Plan and the laws of Logistic through company reports.
  2. Study and implementation of an internal account department control and of the circulation of recoverable reserves.
  3. Regular staff information and dilection of new if required.
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