The Company covers a wide range of accounting services that extend from the organization, control, supervision of accounting to economic and technical studies (loans, subsidies, listing on the ASE).

In particular, the Company provides the following services:

  • The Accounting and Tax monitoring of companies by keeping their books (B ‘, C’ category) electronically with notification to the respective Tax Office
  • Any obligations – operations of the companies towards the competent Tax Office. (introductions – K.V.S. visas, registry changes, modifications, etc.).
  • The Compilation, Processing and submission through TAHISNET: – VAT returns. (VIES system compliance). – Φ.Μ.Υ. Statements – Income tax returns.
  • Personnel Payroll – Insurance Organizations.
  • The Organization, Audit and supervision of your Accounting.
  • The provision of Consulting Services in Financial and Tax Matters.
  • The Handling and Execution of your Tax Audits.
  • The Study and Settlement of your difficult Tax Issues.
  • The selection and training of your Accounting Staff.
  • The Application of Analytical Accounting and Costing.
  • The organization of the Services of the Company for the Preparation and Monitoring of the Budget and the Cash Planning.
  • The Business Plan of your Company.
  • Economic and Technical Studies (Loans – Subsidies – Introduction to the ASE).
  • Learning or adhering to International Accounting Standards.

The strictly selected staff (graduates of economics schools), the organization and the standards of our work, are the bases we rely on to ensure the quality result that companies need today.

We believe that by properly organizing an accounting we contribute dynamically to the whole organization of the company, since the impact of the accounting on the development of an economic unit is decisive.

Efficiency and productivity, concepts so important to economic progress, have their origins in accounting. Accurate and direct information and the correct application of the laws that govern the operation of companies are the preconditions for making the right decisions, promoting work and economic growth.

That is why the cost of organization and efficient operation of the accounting department is always low and fixed, while, on the contrary, the lack of organization and non-compliance with the relevant laws always result in increased costs and the imposition of sanctions. In accordance with these principles and with full awareness of the seriousness of our profession, we treat our customers carefully and responsibly, regardless of their size.


Our Company has long experience in the field of accounting and the range of tax limit and the laws that govern our country . We provide modern and high quality services. With all the modern technology and tools , combined with the expertise and quality policies that follow , we manage to provide businesses accounting solutions… Read more


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Our Company is providing documentation and reliable advice to individual business establishment issues and legal persons. Through our seventy years of experience, our partners guide you in the proper operation of the company from the establishment of a new company and throughout its development… Read more


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We undertake the computerization of the accounting by selecting the effective commercial and accounting management program, according to the size and needs of your business. Computerization is vital since its purpose is the correct recording and processing of financial and commercial data… Read more